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Ballyheigue - Kerry's Seaside Appeal - Apr 28th, 2006
Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry, Ireland - I always think a resort town is the most perfect destination for an escape, well, Ireland did not disappoint me. Come to Ballyheigue town in Co. Kerry, Ireland and experience for yourself how a scenic coastal village like this can be a paradise of fun!
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Glenbeigh - Kerry's Holiday Destination - Apr 28th, 2006
Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Among the many towns that form the Ring of Kerry is Glenbeigh in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Glenbeigh is a peaceful town offering the most exquisite scenery and the warmest Irish welcome. Discover more what Glenbeigh has to offer you…
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Waterville - Kerry's Coastal Paradise - Apr 28th, 2006
Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Discover for yourself what makes Waterville in Co. Kerry, Ireland a favourite vacation destination in the west coast of Ireland. Find out what to see and do while on this coastal paradise!
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Sneem - Explore the Knot in the Ring of Kerry - Apr 27th, 2006
Sneem, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Looking for a quaint, romantic and scenic setting for a truly invigorating and fulfilling vacation? Consider heading on to Sneem in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Find out why tourists to Kerry find Sneem a one of a kind vacation destination.
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Dingle Peninsula - Discovering Ireland's Most Westerly Point - Apr 27th, 2006
Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Here are some good reasons why you should go and explore the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry, Ireland – just in case you still need reasons to take a tour of the most beautiful place on earth.
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Kenmare - Kerry's Prime Heritage Town - Apr 27th, 2006
Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Do you have an appetite for life? Well, Kenmare does! Indulge in an explorative journey to this heaven in Co.Kerry, Ireland. Enjoy the most charming panorama that holds the town surrounded. Invest in a memory of great Irish scenery, excellent Irish cuisine, stirring activities and countless attractions in Kenmare! Learn more about Kenmare…
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Kerry's Nightlife and Entertainment - A true Irish Craic - Apr 27th, 2006
Kerry’s Night Entertainment - Co. Kerry, Ireland has become a legendary place for thrilling night outs. It has numerous pubs and clubs that make it a truly remarkable partying vacation destination. Experience the craic of Kerry’s night life as you visit these pubs!
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Discover and Rediscover Killarney - Apr 26th, 2006
Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland - For generations, Killarney in Co. Kerry, Ireland has been a highly visited vacation destination. It must have been due to its historical significance or its endless natural charm or even its lively entertainment and countless activities. Find out the truth about Killarney…discover and rediscover this paradise in Kerry.
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Dining Destinations at Kerry - Apr 26th, 2006
Eating Out at Co. Kerry, Ireland - There is certainly no shortage of excellent restaurants and great chefs in Co. Kerry, Ireland. The county holds out several bistros – all offering the finest of Irish cuisine. The Irish has indeed mastered the art of cooking and we can all taste their works now! Here are some great restaurants and dining venues in Killarney, Kenmare and Sneem.
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Eating Out at Kerry - Apr 26th, 2006
Where to dine at Co. Kerry, Ireland - Your trip to Co.Kerry, Ireland won’t ever be complete without the taste of Irish cuisine. Savor the goodness of true Irish flavor in these notable dining venues. Eating out in Co. Kerry can never be as Irish as this! Learn where to eat out at Dingle, Tralee and Waterville.
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Shopping Fling at Kerry - Apr 26th, 2006
Shopping Centers at Kerry - Learn where to head on if the urge to spend for great items hit you. Co. Kerry, Ireland has great shopping centers from arts and crafts to souvenir gift shops and from jewelry shops to highly fashionable ones. It’s never a sin to splurge on some cash while on a vacation, so come on…shop your way around Kerry!
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Festival Thrills at Co. Kerry - Apr 25th, 2006
Festivals in Co. Kerry, Ireland - Feeling festive on a vacation? You sure have reasons to be at Co. Kerry, Ireland. This county holds out a number of “too good to miss” festivals and events. Browse over the list and head your way straight to your choice!
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Kerry's Music Festivals - Apr 25th, 2006
Music delights the human soul. Experience music’s blissful delight at Co. Kerry, Ireland. There are a number of Music Festivals to enjoy here. Read on to know what suits you more.
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Summer Festivals in Kerry - Apr 25th, 2006
Summer spells fun! At Co. Kerry, Ireland, it is more than just fun…its festival time! Armor yourself with a festive mood and head on to Ireland this summer where great summer festivals await.
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The Rose of Tralee Festival - Apr 25th, 2006
As Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland celebrates the internationally acclaimed Rose of Tralee Festival, don’t be missed out. Experience high spirited days of feasting in Kerry’s principal town, Tralee!
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Celebrating Kerry's Fairs - Apr 25th, 2006
Festivals and fairs heighten the scene of Co. Kerry, Ireland. There are several fairs to enjoy while at this county. Discover more of what fun and excitement await you at Kerry.
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Angling Destinations at Kerry - Apr 24th, 2006
Co. Kerry, Ireland abounds in sea, lakes and rivers – all with reputations of being an unmatched angling destination. Angling and fishing may be considered a contemplative pastime here as Kerry can be well thought-out as an angler’s heaven.
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Heading on to Tralee - Apr 24th, 2006
Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Looking for an ideal destination to splurge on a holiday or enjoy the weekend? Why not come to Co. Kerry, Ireland, with its infinite allures and attractions. One worth visiting in this county is nonetheless its principal town, Tralee.
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Walking Vacation at Kerry - Apr 24th, 2006
Walking Routes in Co. Kerry, Ireland - This is for the walking and hiking enthusiasts and active adventure travelers from all over the world. Hit on Co. Kerry, Ireland for some sweat shedding and satisfying walks. This county holds the most unique walking experience amid the most beautiful natural wonders of Ireland!
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Premier Walking Festivals in Kerry - Apr 23rd, 2006
Kerry’s walking festivals - Co. Kerry, Ireland is a famous destination for hundreds of walkers from around the world. The walker’s delights here are the walking festivals. Here is a list of some major walking festivals in Co. Kerry that you should never miss out!
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Equestrian Centers - Kerry on a Rider's View - Apr 22nd, 2006
Equestrian Centers in Co. Kerry, Ireland - Read on for a more lighthearted look on the well-loved equestrian activity at Co. Kerry, Ireland. Take a peek at this list of great equestrian centers in the county.
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Cycling Routes in Kerry - How about a Bike Trip - Apr 22nd, 2006
Away from the usual scene of heavy traffic and crowded roads, cycling lanes lie along the scenic setting of Co. Kerry, Ireland. Enjoy a tranquil bike ride amid a beauteous surrounding at Kerry. Read on for some well recommended cycling routes in Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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Cycling Break at Kerry - Apr 22nd, 2006
Kerry’s Cycling Routes - Co. Kerry, Ireland is an idyllic haven of quiet country lanes, rugged mountains, scenic villages and verdant natural surrounding perfect for cycling holidays. Cyclists are taken into a higher level of blissful tour around the country through a bike. Explore Kerry on a pedal while you relish its unmatched charm.
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Beach Time at Kerry - Apr 21st, 2006
Blue Flag Beaches in Co. Kerry, Ireland - The promise of a sun-filled water fun is close to fulfillment at Co. Kerry, Ireland. The best bet to make your vacation complete at Kerry is to plunge into its unspoiled beaches.
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Kerry's Tee Temptations - Apr 21st, 2006
Golf Courses in Co. Kerry, Ireland - Don’t consider your vacation in Co. Kerry, Ireland, complete without having rounds of the good ol’ game of golf. After all, what good will a golfer’s paradise be without golf?
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Hit the Beach at Kerry - Apr 21st, 2006
In Co. Kerry, Ireland, you will find pristine sands, rich culture, clearest water and picture perfect sunsets. Discover Kerry’s best kept beach secrets and uncover its natural beauty. Visit Kerry, a county which has tempted countless tourists with its blue flag beaches!
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Kerry's Heritage Centers - Preserving History - Apr 21st, 2006
Heritage Centers in Co. Kerry, Ireland - If you are given a chance to travel back to Co. Kerry’s history, will you take it? Well, there is certainly no need to wait for that chance because you can make your own time travel here. Relive the past and cultural heritage of Co. Kerry, Ireland as you step on a different time dimension at Kerry’s heritage centers.
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Enjoying the Greens at Kerry - Apr 20th, 2006
Golf Courses in Co. Kerry, Ireland - When green rules your vacation, you surely are off to a remarkable tee time! Indulge in a game of a lifetime at Co. Kerry’s well recommended golf courses. Grand vacation plus a grand golf game is certainly equal to a perfect escape!
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Kerry's Past at County Kerry Museum - Apr 20th, 2006
County Kerry Museum, Ireland – When the past extends its influence on the present, there is no escape in the appeal it offers. Discover the abundant history of Co. Kerry, Ireland as you head on to a crossroad of the past and the present at County Kerry Museum!
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Tee Off at Kerry - Apr 20th, 2006
Golf Courses at Co. Kerry, Ireland - Let the sport of the swells be part of your vacation at Co. Kerry, Ireland. Tee off at several highly remarkable golf courses in this county. Experience golf at its finest in this golfer’s paradise!
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The Crag Cave Tour - Uncover the Mystery - Apr 20th, 2006
Experience the wonders of nature… See for yourself what mystery lurks behind natural formations…Go beyond the usual enchantment…Co. Kerry, Ireland welcomes you to Crag Cave, a mystifying cave to explore!
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Skellig Experience Center - Apr 19th, 2006
The history, bird treasures, and life of the historical Skellig Islands can be experienced without the bother of having to get yourself in a remote island. Indulge in the Skellig Experience at a county that is heavily visited by tourists, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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The Oceanworld Exploration - Apr 19th, 2006
The Ocean – so mysterious, so perplex and so wealthy! Discover the genuine treasures of the vast ocean in the Oceanworld at Dingle in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Explore what secret lies behind the vastness of water and what gems lurk at the bottom of the mystifying ocean!
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Aqua Dome - Water Fun Never Stops - Apr 19th, 2006
Aqua Dome– This is where the real wet fun takes place. Experience the most unique water adventure in Aqua Dome at Co. Kerry, Ireland. Be wet…be adventurous and be at Tralee, Co. Kerry!
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Muckross House Overview - Apr 19th, 2006
Discover a house that has magnificently surpassed its original purpose of establishment to a major tourist appeal in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Come and start creating precious memories at the Muckross House.
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Getting Around Co. Kerry - Apr 18th, 2006
Itching to know what’s the secret for a truly remarkable traveling experience? Well, after this it won’t be a secret anymore, isn’t it? A well preserved secret to a satisfying vacation and travel is the beauty of the destination and the mode of exploring it. Read on for some relevant info on how to get around Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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Kerry Gardens - An Escape from Reality - Apr 18th, 2006
Co. Kerry, Ireland has some exquisite gardens that locals just love to recommend. Experience nature at its best in this county.
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Ring of Kerry - Getting Around the County - Apr 12th, 2006
Co. Kerry runs deep with countless attractions to see and experience. The most excellent way to indulge on this is to travel around the renowned tourist trail called the “Ring of Kerry”.
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The Kingdom of Kerry - Apr 12th, 2006
County Kerry - Informally known as “The Kingdom”, Co. Kerry in the southwest of Ireland is an unrivaled destination in terms of sustainable tourism. A setting as scenic as Co. Kerry can be justifiably considered as a paradise on earth. Discover the appeal of its lakes, peninsulas, mountains, and unsurpassed nature display.
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Museums - A Tour to Kerry's Past - Apr 10th, 2006
Museums in Co. Kerry, Ireland are the doors to explore this county’s steep history and surviving culture. Find out where to head your way when you feel your history inclined personality stirs up.
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