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A Better Stay at Garryvoe - Jun 9th, 2006
Garryvoe Hotel, Co. Cork, Ireland - Looking for a place to stay at Co. Cork, Ireland? How about a hotel overlooking a bay and a beach view? If this sounds interesting to you, head on to Garryvoe Hotel Cork.
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Comfort, Golf and Pampering at Fernhill - Jun 8th, 2006
Fernhill Carrigaline Hotel Golf and Health Club, Co. Cork, Ireland - For serious travelers, staying in comfort at a hotel while given the opportunity to pamper themselves and enjoy a golf game is a luck they simply canít get anywhere. However, this rare lucky chance can be experienced at Co. Cork, Ireland. Hard to believe? Well, read on to find out howÖ
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Clarion Hotel - Your Home at Cork - Jun 8th, 2006
While travelers to Co. Cork, Ireland may be spoilt for choice with the several hotel options available; veteran travelers would always go for a ďhome away from homeĒ feel. With this, we can relate to travelers who chose to stay at the Clarion Hotel Cork.
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Cobh, Co. Cork - Where History Abounds - Mar 17th, 2006
Co. Cork, Ireland has three islands off the harbor Ė Little Island, Fota and Great Island. The latter is a home to a historically rich town, Cobh. This town is a tempting destination to some while it is an excellent home to few lucky ones.
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Finding Paradise at Bantry, Cork - Mar 17th, 2006
We can relate to some who fall in love with traveling. After all, if your destination is a charming county like Cork in Ireland, you certainly canít help but fall passionately in love with it. To add more, how would you like the idea of staying in a vibrant, historical and scenic town like Bantry? There is definitely nothing more to ask for.
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The Youghal, Cork Discovery - Mar 16th, 2006
Ireland has some of the finest escape destination anyone could ever dream of. Ideal destination most always means a perfect vacation. Experience the ultimate getaway thrill only at Youghal in Co. Cork, Ireland.
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A Preview of Skibbereen, Co. Cork - Mar 16th, 2006
Travel to Co. Cork wonít be complete without a visit to Skibbereen town. This article will take you to a preview of what to expect from this stunning village of Co. Cork, Ireland.
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Visiting Macroom Town in Co. Cork, Ireland - Mar 16th, 2006
Co. Cork, Ireland is a home to a vibrant market town which exudes a great deal of natural attraction and loaded with evocative myths and legends. Serious travelers and vacationers will certainly take delight in this enchanting town in Cork named Macroom.
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Vacationing at Carrigaline, Cork - Mar 16th, 2006
For visitors at Co. Cork, Ireland, opportunities abound to discover historical remnants and sites, walk along scenic routes and marvel at a charming display of nature. To enjoy the ultimate Cork experience, consider making the town of Carrigaline your home away from home.
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Ballycotton, Cork at a Closer Look - Mar 15th, 2006
To most tourists, an ideal fishing destination should be decked with the daintiest display of scenery; otherwise, a setting is just as typical as the others. This is what makes Ballycotton in Co. Cork, Ireland distinct in its own fishing and general touristsí enticements.
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Blarney, Cork - More than a Castle and a Stone - Mar 15th, 2006
For tourists who aspire to escape to a setting softened with the most impressive scenery and nature display plus loaded with the profoundest history, Ireland offers County Cork with its unrivaled town, Blarney.
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Clonakilty - Cork's Multi Awarded Town - Mar 15th, 2006
How would you like the idea of making Irelandís tidiest town as your vacation destination? This is more than an idea now. Make this a reality and visit Clonakilty, Co. Cork in Ireland. Aside from the neatness of the place, wondrous attractions are sure to entertain tourists.
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Kinsale, Cork - An Ideal Travel Destination - Mar 15th, 2006
A trip to Ireland is like betting on a game of chance, picking Kinsale, Co. Cork as your destination is like hitting the jackpot.
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The Festive Cork - Mar 14th, 2006
Fact: Anyone who lives in Co. Cork or who comes here for more than a few days should witness its internationally-flavored festivals. Fiction: Co. Cork festivals only come once or twice a year.
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The Cork City Journey - Mar 14th, 2006
Ireland has numerous cities all emanating unique allure and charm to tourists. Its well recognized cities include Dublin, Belfast and the third being Cork City.
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The Joy of Eating Out at Cork - Mar 14th, 2006
Varied local and international cuisines can be well enjoyed at Co. Cork, Ireland. Learn where to go when the urge for a delectable foodstuff hit you.
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Historical Amusements at Cork - Mar 13th, 2006
Whatever your reasons are for traveling to Co. Cork, Ireland, we have you covered. This county thinks of nothing but your enjoyment and satisfaction. Tourists are led to a number of historical amusements, all emanating rich history and beguiling beauty.
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Bird Watching Delights at Cork - Mar 13th, 2006
Bird watching may sound only a bit of interest for some, but the thrill of this activity is heightened when you know that you are setting your eyes upon rare birds in a magnificent surrounding. Enjoy this activity only here at Co. Cork, Ireland.
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Cork's Cycling Routes - Mar 13th, 2006
Co. Cork invites cyclists and tourists to come and have a totally different cycling experience here. The cycling routes that Cork offers its guests are of splendid panorama and heritage sights.
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Blue Flag Beaches in Co. Cork - Mar 13th, 2006
Beaches are not merely for summers. This is what Co. Cork, Ireland, proves to its guests. Any time of the year is perfect if you are on a spectacular county with the loveliest beaches and tempting waters.
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Walk Way Options at Co. Cork - Mar 11th, 2006
When you indulge in a walking leisure at Co. Cork, Ireland, you are getting much more than a walk. The trails that this county opens up for its guests are the finest paths anyone could certainly ask for. This makes walking a dream come true for most tourists.
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Hillwaking at the Sheeps Head Peninsula - Mar 11th, 2006
For many years, Co. Cork, Ireland has welcomed tourists and walking enthusiasts to enjoy its well-preserved natural splendor and rustic history, Re-experience the relaxing yet thrilling walk in Co. Cork through the Sheeps Head Way.
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Walking the Beara Way - Mar 11th, 2006
A relaxing walk is good for rejuvenation of the mind and the body. It is at its best when it is done at Co. Cork, Ireland with its well-known walkways.
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Equestrian Thrills at Co. Cork - Mar 11th, 2006
Looking for a stirring activity while staying at Co. Cork, Ireland? Try horse back riding in numerous equestrian centers in this county.
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Co. Cork - Your Angling Destination - Mar 10th, 2006
Must-visit angling destinations in Co. Cork, Ireland are among the countyís most highly profiled spots. Enjoy the pleasure of angling as you visit Co. Cork.
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Fishing Trip at Co. Cork - Mar 10th, 2006
Co. Corkís rivers capture the beauty, tranquility and thrill of fishing. Indulge in this thrill and experience fishing at its best only here at Ireland.
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The Mystery of Cork City Gaol - Mar 10th, 2006
On Co. Cork, Ireland, in search of splendor and legacy, tourists are brought to Cork City Gaol, a premier heritage site devoted to provide guests with a genuine feel of true Irish history.
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Wildlife Parks at Co. Cork - Mar 10th, 2006
Flick off those idle days. Power up at Co. Cork, Ireland and experience the wildest adventure with Co. Corkís wildlife parks.
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Charles Fort, Co. Cork - The Fortification - Mar 9th, 2006
Get to know Co. Cork, Ireland, better as you set your vacation here. The most ideal way of getting acquainted with the place, as you enjoy each day of your trip, is a visit to the countyís natural and historical charms which include the Charles Fort.
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Desmond Castle - Past Memoir of Co. Cork - Mar 9th, 2006
Vacation may turn out into days of boredom if you donít spend it perfectly. This is not a concern to think about in Co. Cork, Ireland. This county displays a number of attractions that are certain to make your vacation as enthralling as you plan it to be. Heritage castles and forts open their doors for tourists to marvel and experience their majesty and grandeur.
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Bantry House and Gardens - Cork's Exceptional Offer - Mar 9th, 2006
Co. Cork is full of wonderful surprises, from stunning islands to remarkable gardens. One worth seeing is the Bantry House and Gardens. Who would ever think a family owned palazzo as this will be a popular tourist attraction?
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Island Exploration at Co. Cork, Ireland - Mar 9th, 2006
Island hopping is a popular getaway adventure anywhere in the world. The excitement is intense given a country with best islands to discover. Visit Co. Cork, Ireland and indulge in an explorative journey to its islands.
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The Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork - Mar 8th, 2006
Where the water surrounds, excitement and thrill abides. Co. Cork, Ireland brags off of its lands surrounded by water. Discover the Beara peninsula and learn by heart how this place is dubbed as an intimate haven on Ireland.
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County Cork, Ireland - Mar 8th, 2006
On the South West of Ireland lies the largest among Irelandís modern counties, Co. Cork. Discover what lies behind this land of contrast and see what this county has to offer.
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Cork - The Wine and the Stone - Feb 28th, 2006
Forget the blues. When you find yourself in Irelandís largest county, the Cork, you should head on to some fun-filled trips to Irelandís most ancient and appealing visitor attractions.
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Prime Golf Courses at Cork - Feb 28th, 2006
If golf is your game, County Cork will quench your appetite. This county caters for pros, weekend hackers, and everyone in between with a huge total number of over 30 courses to choose from. Many of which are within minutes drive from Cork. Golf lovers in County Cork are spoiled with variety of course layouts varying in technical complexity and diversity in setting.
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