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Horse Racing Action in Ireland
In the earlier centuries, equestrian is considered to be “sport of kings” and was meant to be enjoyed solely by the royalties. But this century has long been gone. Now, even the most ordinary person can share in the thrill and fun of horse racing. Where else can you experience the real thrill other than Ireland, the country which has raised the best horses?
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Auburn Lodge Hotel - Heading on to Clare's Paradise
If I had to spend some days away from home, I can think of no other better place to go than Ireland. After spending months or years of traveling through books and websites, don’t you think it is the perfect time to do it for real? Pack up and shout, Co. I come!
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Visit to Ireland's Gardens
The possibility of appreciating nature’s grandeur and feeling good about it knows no limit. The beauty of Ireland captured in its tempting and inviting gardens abounds with limitless splendor and full of unlimited opportunity for a remarkable visit.
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Beach Time at Kerry
Blue Flag Beaches in Co. Kerry, Ireland - The promise of a sun-filled water fun is close to fulfillment at Co. Kerry, Ireland. The best bet to make your vacation complete at Kerry is to plunge into its unspoiled beaches.
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Quest for Excitement at Ardmore
Dublin offers a variety of alternatives for excitement and adventure. Whatever you choose to do while staying in Dublin will certainly be filled with exciting escapades and hard to beat memories. The richness of the place with lush gardens, historical memorabilia, exquisite cuisine and aquamarine water is what awaits the guests and visitors of Ardmore hotel.
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