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Dublin's Stars Uncovered
I have no idea stars could denote more than a radiating brilliance on a clear evenings sky or a heavenly body created to lure your lunatic thoughts and set your hopes high. But this perception lasted only until I entered nursery where these stars are made to stand for a good class reputation and excellent performance in singing perhaps. And from then on these stars have never left my sights and has always been present almost everywhere even in hotel selection and bookings.
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The Guinness Attraction in Ireland
Looking for the right path to a great trip? Follow on the route that leads to Ireland. Experience the Guinness sensation and certainly you will decide to come back.
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Walking in Wicklow Mountains
County Wicklow has long been known for its grandiose nature and exhilarating comfort. Dominating this county’s sight attractions are the Wicklow Mountains, dubbed as Ireland’s highest area. These towering mountains are not merely a splendid sight but also an ideal location for walks.
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Dining Destinations at Kerry
Eating Out at Co. Kerry, Ireland - There is certainly no shortage of excellent restaurants and great chefs in Co. Kerry, Ireland. The county holds out several bistros all offering the finest of Irish cuisine. The Irish has indeed mastered the art of cooking and we can all taste their works now! Here are some great restaurants and dining venues in Killarney, Kenmare and Sneem.
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Cobh, Co. Cork - Where History Abounds
Co. Cork, Ireland has three islands off the harbor Little Island, Fota and Great Island. The latter is a home to a historically rich town, Cobh. This town is a tempting destination to some while it is an excellent home to few lucky ones.
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