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Charles Fort, Co. Cork - The Fortification
Get to know Co. Cork, Ireland, better as you set your vacation here. The most ideal way of getting acquainted with the place, as you enjoy each day of your trip, is a visit to the county’s natural and historical charms which include the Charles Fort.
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Ballycotton, Cork at a Closer Look
To most tourists, an ideal fishing destination should be decked with the daintiest display of scenery; otherwise, a setting is just as typical as the others. This is what makes Ballycotton in Co. Cork, Ireland distinct in its own fishing and general tourists’ enticements.
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The Crag Cave Tour - Uncover the Mystery
Experience the wonders of nature… See for yourself what mystery lurks behind natural formations…Go beyond the usual enchantment…Co. Kerry, Ireland welcomes you to Crag Cave, a mystifying cave to explore!
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Celebrating Kerry's Fairs
Festivals and fairs heighten the scene of Co. Kerry, Ireland. There are several fairs to enjoy while at this county. Discover more of what fun and excitement await you at Kerry.
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Desmond Castle - Past Memoir of Co. Cork
Vacation may turn out into days of boredom if you don’t spend it perfectly. This is not a concern to think about in Co. Cork, Ireland. This county displays a number of attractions that are certain to make your vacation as enthralling as you plan it to be. Heritage castles and forts open their doors for tourists to marvel and experience their majesty and grandeur.
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