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Miltown Malbay’ s name was derived from the ancient fort that stood near the St. Joseph Parish Church. As such it is called the “Street of the Fort” or what the Irish refer to as Sráid na Cathrach. Legend has it that this name was taken from the adjacent Mal Bay which is equally rich in lore and myth regarding its existence.

This town was believed to have at least five corn mills in the area – proofs to this are the three mill ruins which can still be viewed up to this time. Because of this, the village was termed as the town of the mill which later on became Milltown. Whatever explanation is close to your belief doesn’t make any effect on the experience you will be having if you decide to stay for a few days or weeks in this part of Co. Clare.

For centuries, this town has made a considerable transformation from a plain settlement during the trouble times of the early centuries to a visual and body tempting destination it is now. This remarkable setting has proudly produced a number of great musical and poetry geniuses all known worldwide. If you happen to be in Miltown Malbay during the month of July, you are just in time for the international festival reliving the legacy of William Clancy, the master of the Uileann pipes.

Swim away every bit of life’s hassles while you are at Miltown Malbay. The place to go for this is the White Strand Beach with its great sand and rocky shoreline. Other than plunging in the luring water, you can also indulge in a walk through the headland. The view of the water having you surrounded will be as relaxing as a full body treatment.

Cycling is perfect on the geographical area of the Miltown Malbay. This land area is hilly to some extent. The scenic panorama all around you will hold you in a blissful and captivating ecstasy. You can do this activity in group or all by yourself with someone to guide you.

Places to stay while in Miltown must not come across your plan of a perfect trip. Remarkable hotels and accommodations are more than delighted to welcome you. The comfort and the luxury they offer are worth to give you the feeling of genuine belongingness to the place.

Miltown Malbay is a different world you should endeavor to experience. Heading to Ireland for an escapade? Try some days at this town in Co. Clare and you will see for yourself why I consider it a different world.

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