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It might be a small town, but nevertheless, one should not undermine the beauty and splendor that Allihies, a town in West Cork, Ireland has to offer. Words might not be enough to describe the most serene and picturesque views of this praiseworthy town. The town is specially situated at the tip of the Beara peninsula admirably secluding it from the rest of County Cork. The location speaks of the subtle and simple way of life in Allihies. Very conducive for deep thinking and creative writing, the town has attracted a number of writers and artists to come and visit it. Most of them became permanently captivated by the beauty of the place that they decide to settle in.

With farming and fishing as the main source of living here, one could make an intelligent guess about what sort of geographical consistence this town is made of. The farms, you have got to see. You wouldn’t want seeing beautiful farms in movies only, the atmosphere is just million times better. If you have never had the chance in the past to be at Allihies, you are surely missing half of your life. And fishing, you ought to try on your own. Wouldn’t you agree if I say nothing beats a fishing trip in one of the world’s largest oceans, the Atlantic Ocean? If you had been planning to go on fishing, then, get yourself geared up because fishing is only minutes away from the Allihies land itself.

It is in Allihies that one can see and experience the natural, preserved and almost heavenly paradise here on earth. Tourists adore the seclusion and tranquility which makes every second in this small town a moment worth cherishing. Sure to take your breath away, and one thing you must know about this town, is that it is extremely rich in minerals, in fact it is very famous for its copper mining industry. This is also the village where you will find the sole remaining purpose-built man engine house in the world, the newly restored Mountain Mine Man Engine.

The best time to visit Allihies is on August when the Summer Festival is held. Some of the features of the festival are horse racing, novelty events and dances in the Community Hall. Accommodations in this town combine the top two qualities one is looking for a place to stay in, the comfort and the cost not to mention the warm welcome the residents give to anyone visiting or moving in. But the biggest benefit still, is the excellent location and the warm friendly atmosphere which you will never find in any other place.

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