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POWERSCOURT GARDENS set up by Richard Wingfield in the 1940s is now a world-class haven for nature aficionados and garden enthusiasts. Located right in the foothills of the WICKLOW MOUNTAINS, POWERSCOURT GARDENS have been a tourist magnet giving off brightly colorful hues of green and flowers palette alike.

With a display of incredible and infinite variations of trees and shrubs, these gardens reveal the secret of nature’s splendor opened up for human eyes to admire and adore. Stretching over 45 acres of area, POWERSCOURT GARDENS has a sublime combination and fusion of formal gardens, far-reaching terraces, statuary and ornate lakes together with secret hollows, long-winded walks, walled plots and over 200 selections of trees and shrubs.

Right in POWERSCOURT GARDEN, in particular the formal gardens, is the Ireland’s Highest Waterfall flowing 135 meters into the DARGLE valley. Imagine the tempting sound of the splashing water as it drops from POWERSCOURT WATERFALLS’ peak and aggressively touching the valley. The soothing effect it will bring and the comfort it promises are enough reasons for families, friends and visitors alike to be lured endlessly. This waterfall has been a regular known getaway spot for picnic and outdoor lovers.

Amazingly, this same POWERSCOURT WATERFALLS in WICKLOW soaking with nature’s beauty is also a refuge and abode to wildlife so extravagantly astonishing. While gazing at the wonder of this Waterfall, you can be enticed and tempted by the sounds of the Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Chiffchaff, Raven and Willow Warbler. These sounds will bring you closer to the environment. It will as well rekindle and revive your admiration to a splendor God has bestowed on WICKLOW.

What more can you possibly dream of when while you listen to these wildlife’s sensible and distinct sounds, you can also feast your eyes with the Tree Creepers’ nesting holes vividly seen in the trunks of the gigantic Redwood trees just below the POWERSCOURT WATERFALLS. This sight will surely arouse your innermost curiosity and craving for more discoveries of the place.

An added attraction on the POWERSCOURT GARDENS is the ancient oak trees that are deeply rooted and firmly standing on the valley. You can almost hear the murmur of the breeze as it gently kisses and caresses every inch of the trees. The view is so calming and relaxing.

Indeed, a visit to the POWERSCOURT GARDENS at WICKLOW, IRELAND is worth the time and effort.

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