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Co. Antrim’s fame is basically derived from its magnificently formed landscapes and gorgeously groomed scenery. I came in here for a bit of relaxation and some amount of fun – but guess what? I got not a bit but a heavy load of these. I was not that familiar with Antrim, I must admit. I have heard a lot about Dublin since it is the capital of Ireland. I can not actually figure out what kind of magnet has attracted me to visit Antrim. Whatever it was, I am more than thankful because I finally had the chance to experience life to the fullest.

I am a certified and personally proclaimed nature fan. I take pleasure in seeing a whole bunch of greens scattered all around me and blues flowing right before me. These are exactly what Antrim has. I can not imagine how this part of the world can be this so enriched with nature’s beauty while the others are so poor in this kind of splendor. What is worth a mindful of admiration in here is the expertly formed landscape. You might as well try it yourself and you will perfectly understand what it means to be amazed – like what I felt.

I was a bit concerned, however, with the place to stay and rest myself. I haven’t got the chance to actually stroll around the city. The sumptuous nature all around me has just engrossed me totally that I almost forgot my clock is almost signaling me “rest time”. If my watch could actually talk, it must have shouted at me to wake me up from this ecstasy. Nature’s beauty in Antrim can be so luring at times and you might need a wake up call- literally.

I found myself in the door of Park Plaza Belfast. The hotel’s atmosphere complements the nature fill I just had. One thing worth a commendation for this hotel is the room. I could say it is perfect for a peaceful rest. The comfort it provides is enough to make someone feel at home. Surely this is what others may refer as “home suite home”.

Antrim has more to offer to me so I could not wait for the next day. Certainly enough, I still have hours to discover and explore more of this nature’s haven.

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