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Dining is a word that comes synonymously with travel, vacation and trip. It is an integral part of one’s journey and cultural discovery. There are lots of cultural and traditional facts that are revealed through varied range of local cuisines. This is true to Co. Mayo, Ireland. There are excellent restaurants here to head on for a taste of Irish cuisine, in particular, and a discovery of Irish culture, in general.

Castlebar is a known hotspot in dining at Co. Mayo, Ireland. Some restaurants worth heading on while at this town include the An Carraig Restaurant, Kirk Restaurant, Lantern Chinese Restaurant, McCarthy’s Restaurant, O’Grady’s Restaurant, Oriental Restaurant, Broadway Restaurant, Greenbay Restaurant and Nico’s Restaurant. These are excellent spots to reward your palates’ cravings for highly delectable dishes.

An explorative palate is welcome at Westport, Co. Mayo – the home to well recommended dining venues. Tourists and locals can’t just leave Westport without having savored its appetizing cuisine. The Mediterraneo Restaurant offers the finest of European cooking. Lying along Bridge Street, Mediterraneo is a well visited spot for great dining experience. The Ardmore Country House and Restaurant, situated at the town center, offers the best of local produced ingredients. The menu is sure to set anyone coming back over and again at this restaurant. Another exceptional restaurant worth a memorable dining moment is the JJ O Gradys. This is the spot to hit on for delectable seafood specialties. For a unique dining experience at Westport, head on to Quay Cottage Restaurant. This is a waterside cottage offering the finest seafood based dishes.

Westport is indeed the place to go for excellent dining experience. Along the mentioned restaurants, there are still more to explore in this town. Other recommended restaurants include the Cove Restaurant, Torino’s Restaurant, Urchin Restaurant and West Restaurant. These are some of the “not-to-miss” dining spots at Westport.

Ballina has its own array of restaurants offered to tourists and locals. These restaurants are unique in their own sense and experiencing each of them would still make sense. Highly visited restaurants at Ballina include the Brogan’s Restaurant, Cafolla’s Restaurant, Captain’s Table, Kitchen Garden Restaurant, Old Bond Store Restaurant, Padraic’s and the Tullios Restaurant. Each of these spots has created their own appeal which kept visitors coming back for more.

Who said you need to compromise fine dining during your travel? At Co. Mayo, Ireland, everything is well taken cared of – including your dining needs. Explore the rich taste and flavor of Irish cuisine, savor the best of Irish produce and discover the tie that binds dining with Irish culture.

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