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Malahide is a scenic seaside town resting impressively on the north of Dublin City and on the east coast of the Emerald Isle, Ireland. It is in between two of the most interesting towns in Dublin: Swords and Portmarnock. You may think of it as a bonus as you visit Malahide, but I consider it luck of choice.

A major appeal in Malahide is its castle which has been the home of the prominent Talbot family. This castle has been standing in its location for nearly 800 years and as such, it holds an unmatched historical significance. Furthermore, this medieval fortress abounds in several legends – some of which are dramatic while some are ghostly. You can make yourself connected to the best of nature through the Talbot Botanic Gardens or opt to dine on a banquet on the medieval great hall – all these within this heritage castle. A tour around the Malahide castle will only take at least thirty five minutes of your time which means you still have numerous hours left to explore Malahide’s other charms.

After your historical tour, you may like the idea of teeing for a while. A 27-hole parkland golf course will be enough to suffice this idea. Excellent tee time can be well enjoyed at the Malahide Golf Club. This can, in fact, be considered as a continuation of your heritage journey since the golf club is one of the oldest golf clubs in Ireland. Whatever your level of golf skill is, the course lay-out will still prove ideal for you. It has a varying degree of challenge, thus, making it the ultimate tee spot for beginners and pros alike.

How would you consider a sailing adventure on one of your days at Malahide? This is unerringly one of the best activities to enjoy at Malahide, Dublin. The Malahide Marina will be your host for this kind of activity. The “sailing” exploit is a well recommended explorative action to further build admiration for the grand Irish Sea and Ireland’s magnificent coastline.

For your transportation concerns while at Malahide, the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) will be at your service. This train can take you along the coastline of Dublin Bay, including the area from Greystones in Wicklow and extends up to Howth and Malahide. You can go around the town employing the DART.

Hotels and accommodations – including B&Bs are available within the vicinity of the town. Worrying about where to stay here is certainly a weight off your shoulders. The elegance and comfort these hotels offer are enough to make you feel at home. Plus, hotels’ rates are justifiable and within the boundary of good reasoning.

The castle, golf club and marina are just some of the appeals that Malahide offers you. Indulge in more of this town’s splendor and charisma. Get yourself on the right track of perfect vacationing. The path that leads to your dream vacation’s fulfillment is the same road that leads to Malahide in Dublin, Ireland.

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