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Co. Carlow has been a reliable tourist base for grand amusement and high-spirited fun. This county’s vibrant view of life has enticed million of souls to experience what others refer as compelling pleasure to the fullest. There is no escaping in Carlow’s offer of holistic fun and enjoyment.

Rediscover the genuine beauty of art through Carlow’s galleries. Open your eyes for excellent art masterpieces that are laid before your eyes at the Carlow Public Art Collection in Tullow Street. This amazing gallery displays a wide range of great painting creations and innovative crafts. Your longing for inventive art will soon be granted at the Pembroke Art Studio. It shows off varied products of creative imagination inspired by genuine appreciation of what is aesthetic. This gallery displays a wide range of media collective art, sculpture, bog oak and ceramics.

If you think you need more taste of Irish art, Carlow invites you to indulge in its equally interesting Eigse Carlow Arts Festival. During this festival, original works of art of local and international artists are set into public exhibitions. This is held annually and you might be just too lucky to experience it during your stay at Carlow. For more art exhibitions, you can still splurge an art experience at the Carlow Art Exhibitions.

A visit to an outdoor structure of great performances will be made perfect at the Bridewell Lane Theatre in Tullow Street. If you consider cinema better than theatres, then you should be heading your way to the Coliseum Cinema in Superquinn Centre, Carlow town. Equally an ideal movie house to splurge a cinematic experience is the Carlow Cineplex in Hanover Shopping Centre. One great suggestion is to bring someone over with you – just to have someone to share this excellent experience.

Dull moments will never have its place in Co. Carlow. So leave all your boredom and worries behind. Plan a truly exciting and entertainment filled getaway for you and your entire family and friends. Together you can experience a whole new level of art appreciation and entertaining fun. There is always room for you at this amazing county.

Now that the chance to make your dream vacation come true has finally come, will you just let it pass away?

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