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True to its vibrant spirit, Co. Mayo has earned quite an impressive reputation in terms of nightlife and entertainment. Its lively nights make it an ideal destination to enjoy a night out accompanied by great Irish music and the well loved Guinness. There are several pubs and bars to head on to for a one of a kind “Mayo Night” experience.

Along Bridge Street at Westport, Co. Mayo, entertainment lovers are welcome at Lavelles. This is one of the many pubs that have captured the interest of both young and old party buffs. One spectacular edge of this bar is its cozy ambiance brought about by its old world style. The bar is more than just a drinking spot; it also offers pub food.

Another pub worth heading on while at Westport is the Matt Molloy. It lies on the heart of the town, thereby, making it a very accessible location to party the night away. Matt Molloy is a must-listen to musician at the bar, along with other performers. The pub, being strategically small, creates an intimate atmosphere perfect for a good pint while being entertained by live musical performances. Matt Molloy’s Bar is one of the most visited bars all throughout Co. Mayo due to its exceptional mood and impressive entertainment.

Other pubs and bars worth in Westport visiting include the Henehan’s Bar and Beer Garden, O’Toole Henry, Annexe Pub, Croagh Patrick Inn, Darby’s Lounge Bar, Hoban’s Pub, Muldoon’s Bar, Nolan’s Lounge Bar, Scotts Pub and the Spinning Wheel.

Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland, has its own array of pubs and bars, as well. Synonymous to the ones from Westport, these venues provide quality music entertainment along with the well loved Guinness and other choice of drinks. One worth noting is the Garden Inn. The bar offers highly remarkable musical performances and what’s more, this is the exact place where hospitality meets entertainment.

Pubs and bars like Blue Haven, Broken Jug, Duffy Inn, Emmetts Bar, Garvan’s Bar, Hogan’s Bar, Howard’s Bridge Bar, Hughes Lounge Bar, Judge’s River Inn, Killarney of the West, Murphy’s Lounge, Parting Glass, Peacocks Bar, Riverboat Inn, Thorntons Pub, Vincy’s Bar and Barrett’s Lounge Bar are still some of the hotspots in nightlife and entertainment at the town of Ballina.

There are also ideal spots for fun and enjoyment at Castlebar. Some of the well loved spots are Cobweb Bar, Bungalow Bar, Cannings Bar and Lounge, European Bar, Harp Bar, Humbert Inn, Irish House, Jennings Bar, King’s Bridge, McDonnell’s Lounge, McGoldrick’s Bar and the Shorts Bar.

No dull nights await here at Co. Mayo, Ireland. Experience the finest of Irish fun and enjoyment as you visit these vibrant pubs and bars at Co. Mayo.

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