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Limerick City, Co. Limerick, Ireland - Limerick City is considered as the third largest city in Ireland – the first being Dublin. It lies Midwest of Ireland and as such, is regarded as the regional capital of the Midwest region. This city is twinned with Quimper in France and Spokan, Washington, United States. Limerick City has excellent panoramic attractions which include Ireland’s longest river, the Shannon River.

The city has an impressive history that dates back as far as 812 during the early Viking settlements in the area. The 12th century era of the city marked the beginning of great architectural treasures in Limerick through the efforts of the Normans. Physical proofs to this part of history can still be enjoyed today. There is the King John’s Castle located on the south side of the Thomond Bridge head and the St. Mary’s Cathedral situated at the intersection of Nicholas Street and Bridge Street. Other historical sites include the Mungret Churches which are actually remains of an old monastery founded by Saint Nessan and the Treaty Stone from which the Treaty of Limerick was signed in 1691. There are also heritage centers in the city – the Georgian House and Gardens to name one.

Limerick City is a vibrant city filled with endless opportunities for thrilling activities. There are ideal cycling and walking routes available here. This is exactly your cycling and walking paradise in Co. Limerick. Nonetheless, this is also an unrivaled destination when it comes to angling. With the River Shannon within easy reach, anglers will definitely have their rewarding angling experience at Limerick City. The panoramic vista to have you surrounded during your angling adventure is nevertheless the most exquisite display of nature.

Limerick City is also for the equestrian buffs. The Limerick Equestrian Center is just what you need for your horse trekking, riding and cross-country dreams. And yes, this city is for golfers too. There are great golf clubs with the best courses here. Your dream golf game may just be in here. For a rousing tee time, tourists can head on to Rathbane Golf Club with its notable parkland course ideal for diverse levels of game know-how. Or you can book your tee hours at Limerick Golf Club – one of the oldest golf clubs in Ireland. There is also the Limerick City Driving Range for those who wish to tee off the greens.

There are just so much to see and do at Limerick City. There can only be a few perfect destinations like this in the world. So once you find yourself at Co. Limerick, Ireland, you know what you should not to miss.

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