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Limerick offers an adventure travel on horseback – sound thrilling and sure is for real. Destinations like Co. Limerick provide endless opportunities for this sort of adventure tour. There are a number of equestrian centers all around the county. These are ideal spots for adventurous riders and even the curious enthusiasts.

How would you even miss the chance of touring on a horseback while at Limerick City? This is an excellent way to take yourself to charming and far-off places which may be hard to reach in any other way. One center to recommend is definitely the Limerick Equestrian Centre. The center caters to diverse levels of riders, including the beginners and the advance. There are excellent indoor and outdoor facilities made available for riders, thus, making any weather state just the perfect one. For those who cant make it on day’s training, you are welcome to join the evening classes.

Horses and horseback riding are part and parcel of Co. Limerick’s culture and history. The county is known for its impressive production of excellent thoroughbred and sports horses. Experience Limerick’s ultimate equestrian appeal at Clonshire Equestrian and Polo Centre. The center lies in an accessible location, close to Limerick City and a mere 2 miles distance from the charming village of Adare.

Clonshire Equestrian Center is one of the county’s steadfast proponents of a nature filled setting. It lies close to the mouth of the River Shannon and is bordered on all sides by Limerick’s wondrous nature and environment attractions. The center promises every rider a challenging and rewarding ride yet still fun-filled. It caters to all kinds and levels of horse riders.

The Clonshire Equestrian Center provides first rate trainings in dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping. This may just be the perfect spot for you to begin a lifetime equestrian career. The center adjusts to your availability and thus, it offers daytime and evening classes.

There is nothing to compare with an amazing experience of indulging in an equestrian sport while on the course of your travel. Over the ages, horse riding has evolved from a mere traveling means to an equestrian attraction. If you are in search of a totally exciting activity while you vacation at Co. Limerick, Ireland, definitely these equestrian centers are the places to go.

While at Co. Limerick, Ireland, why not travel in harmony with nature and do away with all the inconveniences of life? To do this, a horseback ride tour and experience are highly recommended.

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