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Kinsale in Co. Cork is most sought after by tourists for its splendid setting and rich historical background. Tourists love this resort in south west coast of Ireland because of its picturesque surrounding. This town is in close proximity to other equally spectacular town of Cork.

Not to miss in this town is its delectable cuisine – it won’t be dubbed as the Gourmet capital of Ireland for nothing. The town brags off several restaurants, pubs and clubs all offering the superb Irish flavor and international zest. Ultimate must try are the seafood delight. Since this town has plenty of small harbors, seafood stuffs are offered fresh from the water. Aside from this, excellent meat, dairy, and vegetable are all of finest quality too. Restaurants to visit for sea food specialties include the Crackpots Restaurant in Cork Street, Fishy Fishy Café in Guardwell, and Hoby’s Restaurant in Main Street.

Kinsale has numerous historical sites that invite tourists from all over the world. The town in itself is steep in relevant past so it comes as no surprise that it really is a perfect destination fro history buff tourists. Taking back its visitors to a time as early as the 16th century, Kinsale offer its battle fortress that can still be admired up to these days. The Charles Fort – magnificent with its star shaped structure – has been standing proud for centuries. The finest architectural impact of this fortress made it a world renowned attraction. Kinsale has been the site for the 16th century battle involving Spanish, Irish and English armies. The significances of this battle are well preserved in the town’s museum. Desmond castle which has once been a prison shelter for convicts adds more ancient charm to the town.

Staying at KInsale, Co, Cork spells days of extreme fun and adventure. Tourists who made Kinsale their point of destination has to hover over a number of exciting activities to do on the entire duration of their vacation. Sailing enthusiasts must cruise their own way to the coast south west of Kinsale. This is the perfect spot for a relaxing cruise alongside the most wondrous display of scenery. Sea angling and fishing can be well enjoyed along the coasts of Kinsale, particularly at the wreck of Lusitania not far from the Old Head of Kinsale. And who said you can’t enjoy golf while at a trip? The Ringenane, Farrangalway, and the Old Head of Kinsale are the places to go for a thrilling tee time. These places offer outstanding golf courses suited for all levels of players. The choice is yours whether to take a challenging 9-hole or a more thrilling 18-hole golf course. The equestrian craving of the tourists definitely will be filled at some of the horse riding centers of Kinsale. Ballinadee Pony Trekking and Horse Riding Farm plus the Follyfoot Riding Farm are the must visit spots for the ride of a lifetime. Nothing surely beats the pleasure and comfort of a relaxing walk while enjoying the destination of your choice. What awaits tourists in Kinsale are the travel back to time walk with the Historical Stroll that can be arranged by some, walking tour to Charles Fort, and a stroll along the Desmond Castle.

All throughout the entire year, Kinsale town comes to life with its numerous events in queue. Some worth catching are St. Patrick celebration, Comedy Festival, Kinsale Fringe Jazz Festival, and Kinsale Festival of Autumn Flavors. The whole town celebrates in a festive mood all year long. Whenever you get the chance to visit Kinsale, you will certainly get hold of these activities.

Traveling to Kinsale is an easy way to spend holiday and vacation. There is an ample choice of hotel accommodations to choose from. There is certainly no need to be concerned of where to stay since hotels like Actons Hotel are open to serve Kinsale, Cork’s tourists.

Still in search for a pleasing destination? Think no more for Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland is the place you have been looking for.

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