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Portmarnock or the Port Mearnůg, as what the Irish call it, is a tourism-persuasive town that lies north of the city of Dublin. Employing the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART), Portmarnock can easily be reached. As it is in close proximity to the city of Dublin, this town remains to be effervescent and full of life.

While here at Portmarnock, your itinerary will be jam-packed with activities. Why not start off your vacation with a thrilling and challenging golf game? You just came to the right place here. Portmarnock is the most excellent spot for a delightful tee time. Hit the Portmarnock Golf Club to satisfy your personal tee cravings. The golf course presents traditional challenge to all level of golfers. Playing here is indeed a grand opportunity since this is one of Irelandís finest golf courses. It even had hosted quite a few golf championship games.

After the tee experience, is it not grand to take some time and enjoy yourself at the beach? Portmarnock beach is a well-liked spot for bathing and surfing. It is linked up with Malahide beach and boasts its five miles comprised area. And whatís more, you can actually indulge in a serene and explorative walk along this beach. However, this can be well enjoyed when the tide is low. From the beach, you can feast your sight with the view of the Lambay Island and Irelandís eye.

Subsequently, you should make an effort to have a feel of a national landmark in Portmarnock: the Martello Tower. This was built as a defensive fort during the 19th century. Reawaken your interest for what others may consider as bygone era through this tower. Aside from the historical visit of the Martello tower, you can also opt to take a stroll at the side of it and be mystified with the beauty of the Irish Sea.

What will you be looking for after hours of town exploration? Most definitely, a place to rest and revive yourself for the load ahead the next day. The Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links will be most ideal for this. Staying at this hotel makes you feel closer to the unruffled view of the beach. Other Portmarnockís attractions will certainly be accessible from this hotel, as well. This only means one thing Ė the day ahead of you will absolutely be filled with activities.

A trip to Portmarnock, Dublin can be equated to a travel to paradise. The appeals are endless and the thrill, fun and excitement are infinite.

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