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Ireland is one of the most sought after destination not only for those adventurous tourists who possess a great deal of courage to actually ride a horse; this is also the ideal spot for those who don’t intend to ride but would like to witness a remarkable horse race. So whether for a ride or for a game, Ireland is the country to go.

To start off your search for adventure, you may like to try one of the oldest racehorse courses in Ireland. Drive your way to Kerry and the spot to go is Listowel. Laytown Beach in Co. Louth is another excellent spot to marvel on a world-class horse race. The scenic view of the beach adds more entertaining quality to the location. This sets balance between a pulse racing game and a tranquil setting.

For more of this nerves-thrilling race, tourists can opt to plan a trip to Co. Kildare and make their way to Punchestown for the National Hunt. Imagine the heart thumping actions and surely, you will never dare miss this event.

In addition to this, Co. Cork offers the Blarney Castle. This is more than a historical fortress as this castle makes an excellent background for the Blarney Horse Trials, as well. The heritage fame of Blarney Castle highlights the event. Tourists come here for a single attraction of watching a horse race and end up filled with more than a sole satisfaction. The lure of the castle plus the thrill of the game sums up for a truly memorable experience.

Tourists flock Fermanagh’s Necame Castle for a festive horse race events. To witness the game is as exciting as actually being on the game. The feel of excitement and anticipation fills the entire setting making the event an excellent mark-up on your calendar.

Still on horse racing attraction, Ireland invites tourists for its Derby meeting in Curragh happening in September. Learn how horse experts call an activity a game and how they make a simple gathering an event to remember.

For your equestrian cravings and interests, head on to the Emerald Isle, Ireland. Let this country take all your concerns off with an excellent horse race event.

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