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When you come to Co. Mayo, Ireland, you will soon realize that the draw of the county is more than just one attraction. The county holds countless appeals ranging from its picturesque scenery to its cultural and historical past, from its amiable Irish race to its well recommended hotels and from its vibrant pace of life to its lively festivals. Experience the joy of feasting and savor the goodness of Irish celebration as you head your way to these spectacular festivals.

Mark your calendars this June for the Wesport’s Sea Angling Festival. The festival offers a one day shore event and a three-day boat event. For 50 long years, the Westport’s Sea Angling Festival has lured participants from all parts of Ireland, in particular, and internationally, in general, to celebrate the town’s well loved appeal: sea angling.

And not to miss out at Co. Mayo, Ireland, is the internationally known walking festival, the Castlebar’s International Four Days Walking Festival happening on June. The festival offers various walks suited to all types of walkers and ramblers. This is an excellent time to meet new acquaintances as this festival is joined in by countless walkers from all parts of the world.

Ballina, a town in Co. Mayo. Ireland is an ideal place to hit on if the urge for some festive mood hits you this July. The Ballina Street and Arts Festival has been a well attended event in Co. Mayo for many years. Its family themed activities suit all ages. Participants to the Ballina Street and Arts Festival are lucky enough to experience festival thrills like fishing, swimming, dancing, racing and even firework displays. The festival celebrates not only its art heritage but also its cultural gems.

Be back at Westport this September for the Westport’s Arts Festival. This is one of the long surviving festivals in the West Coast. Happening annually, the Westport’s Arts Festival has attracted an impressive number of tourists and participants to celebrate the event with the locals. The festival covers art workshops, lectures and exhibitions along with music and theater performances.

This October, make Castlebar, Co. Mayo, your family getaway destination. And don’t forget to bring your kids to the RoolaBoola Children Arts Festival. The festival caters to young participants included in the age bracket of 2-16. However, families of the participants are invited, as well. The RoolaBoola Festival offers a whole new level of kids’ enjoyment highlighting the art workshop along with children shows and fireworks display. This is a fun and delightful event that kids and those “kid at heart” will surely love.

These festivals are unique in themselves and all are excellent ways to enjoy your vacation. Don’t miss these out!

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