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If you are striving to strike a balance between work and leisure, take a trip to Antrim into account. Its daintiness is forever timeless and wholly Irish. The major attraction is the Giant Causeway. From the name itself, you could almost assume the gigantic experience yet ahead of you. You may have wondered how this dazzling array of basalt columns could be that grand getaway spot.

Walking can be an ordinary thing for you but cliff top walking in a marvelous hexagonal landscape as the Giant’s Causeway is a totally different story. The view of the tide and the waves splashing all around you uplift you in a whole new level of Utopian ecstasy.

What should never be missed in this fabulous spot are the “Granny’s Rock”, “Wishing Chair”, “Giant’s Boot” and “Giant’s Organ”. The Granny’s rock is a brilliantly formed rock that appears to be an old lady (the reason behind the name) walking up the steep part of the place. When to catch this amazing scene? It is perfect during twilight as the sun sets.

You might have a deep longing lingering in your heart but can’t find a wishing star. It might be just a good news for you that in Antrim you don’t have to wait for a falling star to wish. You can wish upon a “chair” in Causeway. This Wishing Chair has been seated by a number of famous people and now it waits upon you.

The “Giant’s Boot”, on the other hand, is literally shaped as a boot and the “Giant’s Organ” are those tall basalt columns along the steep grassy slope. These are worth your time and effort while in Antrim.

Without any doubt, I could say that the Giant Causeway offers nothing but a really colossal experience. Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the experience you will have with this location is your reward for visiting Antrim.

What ends this breathtaking escapade in Antrim is staying at Radisson SAS Hotel in Belfast. The way that leads to this place of rest reveals more of what to expect from this county. The stay was unbelievable. If you were to update your journal with this experience, you will surely mention Radisson. What actually makes this hotel exceptional is the never ending comfort you will have from the moment you step your foot in until the time you bid everyone goodbye.

In every sense of it, the Antrim adventure in general and the Giant Causeway encounter in particular, is truly a gigantic experience.

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