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Co. Galway, Ireland has a significant reputation being a home to several horse racing events guaranteed to make your pulse rate beat faster. Experience the thrill of watching over an excellent horse racing action amidst a surrounding so distinct and exquisite. There are even festivals here celebrating the joy and excitement of horse riding and horse races.

Summer is not just for water escapades while at County Galway. Added to the beaches attractions in Co. Galway is the Galway Races Summer Festival Meeting. This is an event to attend for some adrenaline rush and heart pumping actions. Catch this internationally known race festival at the borders of Galway City – only a mere five kilometers away from the city. This event gets together expert race goers to experience a one of a kind horse race. This race has been going on since 1969 and continues its thrill to date. Even if you are not a racer yourself, you will still have your share of excitement over what is happening at the race. Don’t miss this race festival if you find yourself in Co. Galway this summer.

And who said races come only in Summer? Come to Galway during Autumn and you will still have the heart thumping horse race craze. Galway Races come to life even in autumn. The Autumn festival happens in September and takes a full three days event. In here you will find a complete fun and enjoyment as you venture your way into the rousing action of horse racing. And the perfect point of interest here is that you get great value for your money!

Comes October and Galway Races is still on the verge of providing pure horse racing entertainment. People from all over the world flocks over at Galway Racecourse, Ballybrit, Galway City to either take part in the race or to merely be a gratified viewer. The race on view here is totally a one of a kind show and merely being an spectator is a great experience. If you are traveling with kids under the age of 14, good news: they will be admitted for free at the racecourse!

Galway Races has come a long way from its first race meeting comprising only of a two-day event. Thanks to Lord St. Lawrence – the man behind the beginning of Galway Races. If not for him, there won’t be a rousing horse race action to enjoy today.

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