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Getting yourself to the legendary town of Bantry is never a concern to worry about. By air, land or sea, this town can be reached easily. It is near Cork airport plus bus and cars are available right on the airport. Ferries can also be a travel medium to some who like the idea of it. Don’t worry, whatever way you take, you will still end up on this impressive town.

Bantry’s allure has been known everywhere, as such, tourists flock over here for more discovery and exploration of this place. Tourists to Bantry never run out of things to do over the entire duration of their stay. Having a remarkable history of existence, Bantry now extends some of its heritage sites for tourists to enjoy and demystify. The 1796 Bantry French Armada Exhibition Center invites tourists to relive the long ago turbulent times of invasion attempts. Guests to this center are taken into a sound aided tour of what actually happened centuries ago plus they are brought into the old times with the 1 to 6 scale of the frigate in cross section which depict its construction stage plus other details worth witnessing.

Still in the area of heritage significances, tourists should see a number of stone circles and monuments which are ages ago, as well. Points of interest include the Kilnaruane Stone at the Ropewalk, Carriganass Castle at Pearson’s Bridge and some medieval mine sites at Crimea on the Sheeps Head Way. There are still several sites of historical importance and tourists may opt to visit all if they have the luxury of time.

On the other hand, the Bantry House and Gardens opens its doors for tourists who wish to witness an awesome nature exhibition apart from its exceptional display of spectacular furniture, tapestries and art masterpieces. For more of nature exploratory adventures, tourists can visit quite a number of exquisite gardens from adjacent towns all radiating magnificent views. One garden very close to Bantry is the Carraig Abhainn Gardens in Durrus Village. The view offers intense tranquility and a higher level of relaxation and comfort.

Bantry also proves to be an ideal spot to hit a club. Tee moments can be excellently spent here as this town has one of the most challenging and spectacular golf course all throughout Cork. Strike your way to the Bantry Golf Club and play on a magnificent landscape that is sure to stir up your golf passion.

Other activities that Bantry offers its tourists include a relaxing walk action along this town’s most picturesque areas, a tranquil bike ride along the loveliest cycling routes and not to forget, a thrilling fish hunt at the surrounding sea.

What place can spell adventure better than Bantry? Nothing. Discover more of this town and start by planning your trip to Cork, Ireland.

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