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Ireland has a number of celebrations worth counting ourselves in. The mere fact that we embrace ourselves into the spirit of the event makes us more connected with the place and its people.

Often we tie up a festival with an agreeable music and enlivening dances. I certainly suppose this has something to do with the burst of amusement and delight in each and everyone. The singing and dancing tradition are the physical expressions of a heart that is satisfied and pleased. This is exactly what a first time visitor should expect especially in the month of March. This is the month when Celtic Spring Festival in Derry is celebrated.

Make a trip to Ireland in May and for sure you will never be too late for the Apple Blossom Festival in Armagh. This is an internationally recognized event and most definitely, you will not like the idea of missing out the fun and excitement of this fair. This is an ideal time for family getaways as well.

Dance your way to the Jazz and Blues Festival in Holywood on June. How would you like the thought of swaying your moves along with the rhythm of the high spirited entertainment? This is unquestionably a never to miss event, I must say. If you can not make it to Ireland on June, never worry because July will be as equally fun-filled. In this mid-year month, the Pipe Band Championship is annually held. Experience this one of a kind event and discover how far your judging skills can go.

Mark your calendar of activities free at the end of July. You absolutely would not want to be left out in the Fiddler’s Green Folk Festival at Rostrevor. In here you will be lulled away with excellently performed traditional Irish music.

Film enthusiasts will surely love the idea of visiting Ireland, specifically Derry, on November. This month recognizes Irish talents in terms of film making. The Foyle Film Festival held every November is definitely worth an experience.

Undeniably, anytime of the year is worth a visit in Ireland. There is nothing more interesting and enjoying than an Irish festival. Only in Ireland will you be able to experience what it actually means to celebrate and feast.

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