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Cruising is a well-liked activity in Co. Donegal. This is due to the fact that this county boasts off an abundant display of natural scenery worth exploring from a cruiser. Cruising is a thrilling and exciting way to tour Donegal, witness its beauty and understand its history. This activity also offers the tourists with a rare opportunity to feel relaxed while staying amazed.

The Donegal Bay is an excellent destination for a stirring cruise experience. This bay is an ideal base to relive the steep historical background of Donegal and its appealing sights. The Donegal Pier is the spot to start off your stirring cruise experience. Come aboard on a cruiser here for an hour and a half of fun and discovery.

The cruise will take the tourists to a great number of historical sites and charming areas of Donegal. Tourists can marvel at the historically blessed Donegal Abbey which has its roots from the 14th century. Tourists will love the sight of this Franciscan monastery which has played a great role in this countyís religious past.

Donegal has an impressive spiritual history as evident in its long surviving monasteries. One ancient abbey to discover along the cruising adventure is the Magherbeg Abbey with its 15th century scene. This friary at the point of the Tullycullion Hill can still be viewed aboard the cruiser and the sight is remarkable knowing that it has stood marvelously over years and centuries of existence.

The Ballyboyle adds more enticement to your cruise. This island has a wealth of history as well. The name was actually derived from the clan of the O Boyles who were chieftains to the O Donnell tribe. This island makes a great sight from aboard the cruiser.

Among the other sights to amuse your trip are the Hassans, an early ages embarking point of passenger ships bound to Canada and North America most particularly during the famine years; the Island of St. Fernan and the famine causeway, and the exquisite panorama of the Bluestack Mountains.

These are just some of the sights to amuse tourists on board. If you have keen eyes on beauty and natural splendor, you will certainly discover more. The key to enjoy the cruise is a heart that appreciates what is beautiful and eyes that discern what is attractive.

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