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Co. Galway abounds in numerous restaurants, bars and pubs that contribute much in the countyís vibrant dining appeal. These make Galway a hotspot for delectable and superb dining experience. Whatever delights your palates is sure to be here at Galway.

On Eyre Street at Wood Quay, you can dine in at McSwiggans Pub and Restaurant. It offers an array of delectable cuisine, all offered on a reasonable price. Its Table Service was awarded the Licensing World Pub Lunch Award. The McSwiggans Pub is ideal for some relaxing drinks after a hectic day. The cozy ambiance is made lively by some sport shows aired in the pub.

You can catch excellent seafood menu at the White Gables Restaurant in the quaint village of Moycullen. This bistro can be reached via the N59 Clifden Road from Galway City. The finest seafood cuisine comes along with a cozy atmosphere and housed in an old stone cottage. The restaurant also offers extensive wine choices to complement the delectable meals.

Supermacís is the spot to go for a ďfast foodĒ service. When your hunger canít wait for a couple of minutes more, hit on this Irelandís largest fast food group. With its quick service and excellent quality food, the Supermacís will definitely be one of your stopovers.

Not merely for anglers as the name suggests, Anglers Rest Bar is the spot to hit on if you need a few good drinks and an excellent menu. The entire space is filled with warmth that makes it more homely. The service is remarkable and the staff is accommodating. An added lure in this bar is the entertaining music performed by local musicians. To experience the Anglers Rest Bar, get yourself to Tullyscross at Renvyle.

While at Cleggan, never miss to dine at Oliverís Bar and Restaurant. Aside from the restaurantís pride, seafood, you can also have a taste of their excellent soups, sandwiches and hot meals. The atmosphere is welcoming and the service complements the scrumptious cuisine. For more of seafood cravings, you can also come to the Fishermanís Cottage at Inishere, Aran Islands.

All original Irish cuisine can be well enjoyed at Dun Aonghasa Restaurant and Ceili Banquet at Kilronan, Aran Islands. The view of the Kilronan Harbour is an added visual attraction to diners. Irish tradition and culture comes to life as guests to this restaurant are entertained through Irish music and dances. Still specializing in offering the best of Irish foodstuffs is the Tinoís Bistro at Galway City. Savor the sumptuous Irish cuisine here and donít miss the meal deals!

Galway, Ireland has made a relative breakthrough in terms of superb dining experience. Pamper your palates as you head your way on these notable dining venues.

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