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The Cliffs of Moher has lured a number of tourists with its imposing sight. It is a scenic spot in itself. Known to have a reputation of its own other than being the Burren’s border, these spectacular cliffs rise from the Atlantic Ocean to boast off its own beauty and grandeur. It reaches approximately 230 meters above the ground and takes pride in its length of 8 km. You can just imagine the vast area this spot has.

Amazingly, the geological formation of these cliffs can be traced through its layers. The oldest rock is standing strong at the bottom. These layers are consist of siltstones, shale and sandstones. Geology inclined tourists will surely take delight in these marvelous display of rocks. The sheets are positioned in a slightly tilted structure making it accessible for tourists to view the rock foundation.

This is a spot to reward your explorative side. It is quiet dangerous to explore this rock splendor but it is in taking risks that we actually experience blissful pleasure. If you are planning to walk on the cliffs, you should better cover yourself with warm clothing. The breeze can be cold at times and it pays to be prepared. A walk on these cliff tops will be the most relaxing yet a bit chancy activity to do but the feeling of contentment and pleasure afterwards will make you think it is all worth it.

The Cliffs of Moher adds highlight to Ireland’s coastal views. The sight alone of these cliffs will make you wonder about its beauty and even tempt you to actually go to this place and personally experience its mystery. It’s your choice: you can just look at this magnificent view or actually walk through the top. If I am to choose, no doubt it would be the second option.

Bird watching is an ideal activity on these cliffs at springtime. A number of bird species find this setting the best place to nestle and soar. Aside from this, you can actually tour around these cliffs by boat – at least you don’t have to beat your own fear of heights.

The Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare is a geological and scenic pride of Ireland. Staying in Ireland means that you are just a stone throw away from discovering your inner passion for nature.

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