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Ballyvaughan is one of Co. Clare’s vibrant and thrill-filled towns. It is the ecstasy of history and the thrill of the present state of the town that make this village the best choice for your adventure-discerning spirits. Formerly a fishing village, Ballyvaughan has amazingly risen to show off a totally different enticement in terms of scenery, ancient spots, and remarkable sights. The fishing enticement declination gave way to the development of the area as a perfect tourist destination.

Staying in Ballyvaughan gives you the ultimate chance to indulge in the “Burren” experience. This stunning view of magnificent limestone sheets formed to create an awe-inspiring landscape will surely reawaken your senses in the true meaning of beauty amidst what others may consider as nothing but bare land. This is an ideal spot for nature inclined tourists who take pleasure in the beauty of land.

Discover your archeological side in a number of field monuments scattered all around the area. The Ogham stones are excellent look back doors to Ireland’s ancient form of writing. The round towers are a popular spots to visit too. These towers have stood for years and still standing proud to these days. The custom of putting up high crosses still lives in Ireland. Take part in this long lived tradition as you set your foot on the spots where these crosses were built right in Ballyvaughan. Megalithic tombs and dolmens are still some of the tempting archeological facts in this village. The famed Poulnabrone Dolmen is within your very reach as you stay in this town.

Historical castles are also housed in this village. Get hold of the majestic feel of the past as you treat yourself in a visit to centuries-ago castles. From the sixteenth century, Newtown Castle and Gleninagh Castle bring back to life the glorious and famed past of this village and its early inhabitants. In addition to olden castles, you can also experience the earliest religious setting of this village through the ancient church located just in front of the Gleninagh Castle.

Caving is what Ballyvaughan offers its more adventurous tourists. The Aillwee caves which are over two million of age open its mouth for tourists who are in search of an exciting activity. The thrill over entering these caves is incomparable. Conquer your deepest passion for an adventure and undertake this form of riveting action.

Hotels and accommodations are always to be found in this town. With a number of elegant and lavish hotels around, nothing will surely stop you now from dreaming away. Your home next to none is right here in this town waiting for you.

Ireland indeed is a paradise in itself. And the good thing here is you don’t have to be an angel to experience this heaven. Ireland’s door is open for all adventure craving guests.

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